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Partial Shipment / Missing Product
  1. If your order was a Multi-Product Order (containing more then 1 product) the products may be shipped in multiple boxes.
  2. The products may ship from different warehouses.  This may have the products arrive at different dates, receiving one product before the other.

If we are unable to fulfill and ship the order, we will issue a refund for the amount of the product unavailable on the order.

  1. The product becoming discontinued or unavailable from the manufacturer.
  2. Back-ordered with no ETA

    Refunds will be issued immediately if the product is discontinued and/or back-ordered for more then two (2) weeks.
    • Broken Product:
    1. If your product was received broken in the package during transit, please fill out the shipping carrier CLAIM FORM from the carrier that delivered the package.
      Below are links to the Shipping Carriers Claim Forms:
        • Incorrect Product:
          If you received the incorrect product in the package
          Please do the following:
          1. Take a photo of the incorrect item and a photo of the UPC bar code, then send us a message with the description of the issue including your name and order #.
          2. Click the (?) Support link on the bottom left of our webpage then fill out the Contact Us form.  You can attach photos from the Contact Us form.
          3. Once we review the issue. one of our customer service agents will promptly get back to you.

          Thank you, we will promptly assist with our friendly customer service

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