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Help feed "Families in Need" by supporting your local Food Bank

Bob Ducey (Founder of MyOrganicGrocery) watched the following from his car:

At a stop sign a woman got out of her car, opened her trunk, took out a bag of food, walked over to the stop sign and handed the bag to a homeless man standing by the sign.  She then got back to her car and drove away.

That act inspired Bob to start Give2FoodBanks!

  • At checkout, customers select a local Food Bank (800+) by searching by zip code.
  • Customers then have the option of donating $1 or more to their selected Food Bank.  

    100% of donations are redeem by the Food Banks for healthy organic non-perishable foods for their Families in Need.   

    Together, we can feed tens of thousands of hungry American families

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