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15 Things Everyone Should Learn How To Cook In 2018

15 Things Everyone Should Learn How To Cook In 2018

If you're stumped on what to set as your New Year's resolutions, we're here to get you started and, as usual, we're thinking with our stomachs first. Forget about the latest food trends for a moment and get back to basics, because if you haven't mastered the recipes on this list yet, you've got work to do. Trust us, they're nearly impossible to screw up if you follow directions — you'll be making skillet dinners with your eyes closed by 2019.



New Years Resolution? We have some great ideas for you!

New Years Resolution? We have some great ideas for you!


Best Organic Recipes for The Holidays

Best Organic Recipes for The Holidays

The holidays are a time for family, friends and for showing our appreciation for all of the good things in life. But considering the fact that you’ll be feeding all the most important people in your life, what better way to feed them right than to serve naturally grown, pesticide-free meals made from all organic ingredients?

Let's show our love by using only the finest, healthiest, nutrient-dense ingredients!

Herb Bread & Veggie Stuffing

This veggie spangled stuffing adds nutrition and flavor to a dish that is normally quite bread-heavy.

  • Steam spinach in a large pot
  • Warm olive oil over medium heat
  • Add onion, celery, carrot, and mushroom
  • Cover and cook one minute
  • Uncover and cook about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally
  • Stir in spinach, pepper, sage, salt, and thyme- cook one minute
  • Turn heat to low, add breadcrumbs, broth, salt, and pepper
  • Serve immediately

Spinach and Artichoke Baked Dip

This lightened version of the classic artichoke dip will please the crowd, and leave room for dessert.

  • Put yogurt in a sieve, over a bowl, cover and refrigerate
  • Preheat oven to 350, boil 1-2 inches of water, add spinach
  • Put steamed spinach in a processor, add drained yogurt, Parmesan, mayo, mozzarella, pepper, garlic, salt and hot sauce
  • Blend coarsely
  • Add artichoke hearts, pulse blend until chunky
  • Place mixture in a baking dish, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese bake till brown and bubbly

Parsnip & Fennel Potato

What is a holiday meal without mashed potatoes. Add a touch of sophistication to your mashed spud dish with organic fennel and parsnips.

  • Heat oil or butter over medium heat
  • Add fennel, onion, salt, and pepper
  • Cover and cook gently till vegetables are tender- do not brown
  • Add potato, parsnips, broth or stock and water
  • Boil gently and simmer partially covered till tender
  • Strain vegetables, puree until smooth
  • Add salt, pepper, and oil or butter to taste

Roast Turkey and Sage

This beautiful centerpiece makes the holidays what they should be without added antibiotics or elevated hormones.

  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Remove giblets, liver, heart, and neck
  • Pat dry turkey, loosen skin
  • Place five sage leaves on each side under the breast skin
  • Salt and pepper the body and neck cavities, skewer shut
  • Rub exterior with soft butter
  • Fold wings, tuck beneath turkey
  • Mix olive oil and broth, saturate a cheesecloth
  • Place turkey on the lowest rack in a heavy roasting pan, reduce heat to 325, bake 17 minutes per pound.
  • Baste with remaining oil mix every 20 to 30 minutes
  • During the final hour of cooking, cover with light foil
  • Remove cheesecloth during last 30 minutes of cooking
Finding Healthy Meals for the Holidays

Finding Healthy Meals for the Holidays

As the holidays get closer, so does the temptation to snack on unhealthy holiday dishes, undoing the progress you’ve made on your healthy lifestyle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still enjoy the rich, flavorful treats the holidays bring without derailing your diet. You just have to know where to find the right ingredients for your healthy holiday recipes.

Know Your Options

It’s never been easier than now to find healthy alternatives to traditional holiday recipes. After all, so many people are more focused on their health and have realized they don’t want to spend the next year trying to lose the weight they put on during the holidays! If this describes you, you’ll be glad to know there are lots of great substitutes for unhealthy ingredients. For example, instead of adding butter to a sweet treat you’re about to bake, add unsweetened applesauce. Instead of regular flour, use whole-wheat flour or even coconut flour. And rather than adding a bunch of sugar, try using vanilla extract, cinnamon or mashed fruits — such as bananas or dates — as natural sweeteners.

Plan Ahead

If you want to successfully avoid eating the tempting, unhealthy foods you’re going to see during the holidays, it’s important to be prepared. If you’re going to a party, remind yourself ahead of time that you should gravitate toward the fruit and vegetable platters. You can always allow yourself one or two favorite treats but then stick to the healthier choices — such as baby carrots and apple slices — after that. If you’re not sure what healthy snacks will be there, bring your own! If you have a few cans of flavored sparkling water, you won’t be so tempted to drink soda. And if you have a protein bar, sweet potato or fruit, those sweet baked goods won’t be so appealing to you.

Buy Healthy Ingredients Online

Of course, part of planning ahead is having all the ingredients you’ll need to make your own healthy recipes for the holidays. If you never seem to remember to stock up on coconut flour or unsweetened applesauce while you’re at the store, you can always find it online. In many cases, it will even be cheaper than at grocery stores, and you’ll get it delivered to your front door within days.

If you’re interested in getting all the healthy ingredients you need for the holidays, start shopping at MyOrganicGrocery.com today! We make it easy and affordable for you to stick to a healthy diet, even during the holidays.

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